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Hey folks, here we are! Shootmania Storm's Alpha came out and many players are, at this moment, enjoying, practicing, and hell training their skills to be part of the best SM players! So it is time for every tournament organizers to launch the heavy NADEO's machine and offer many tournaments for every hardcore vampire rail suckers that we all are or will become!

This ToolBox offers the possibility to Mania-actu's readers to gather every websites and organisation that already are or will host some great tournaments! More than a news, this article will try to gather every information and websites that may interest every Maniaplanet user. I will update this news as many time as possible.


ET-generation is a website that gather community and host the most impressive and popular competitions for Trackmania since its first 2003's release. Indeed, if you have heared about Trackmania's Nation Cup, Stadium Team Championship, United league or Trackmania Canyon World League, that's them!

Now that Shootmania came out, they will fortunaly be part of the fiesta! Insomnia ( Main ET admin ) told us a little about it : 

Insomnia : "we will run the first alpha cup soon to try out different modes. SM has many many different modes for competitions. Our main goal is to establish a first regular season, like we did with the LE when TM came out and then see how it evolves"

You can check ET's website here :

ESL : Electronic Sports League
We have no real informations concerning ESL's Goal on Shootmania Storm, but this huge tournament website has always supported NADEO's games so we might think that they prepare an awesome SM section, as soon as the game comes out!
ESL has hosted tournaments for Trackmania Nation like EPS, EMS, CAP's and many other tournaments where the best TM Players fought against each other. They also hosted TM United and TM Canyon's tournament so...wait and see...
Indeed, everybody knows that the most popular and played tournaments on ESL are FPS ones like Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty 4, so the audience and ProGamers are already here and are just standing for the new section to be opened.
The fact that ESL has been offering professional tournaments with cash prizes and many presents is a great advantage for them.
ESL Europe's website :
Community websites
NADEO have a great web feature for every MP users, it's the player page. There, you will be able to manage your Maniaplanet account, manage your buddy list, your servers and many more :
MP Player page : here!
You have, of course, the official Maniaplanet forum where are gathered the most impressive information about all the MP's world, the new tournaments, the tools and anything that is related to NADEO's games. The big advantage of this forum is to offer content for many countries, you can be french, chinese, german or english, you will find what you need. NADEO's team is always there and they will be able to answer all your questions.
Maniaplanet forum :
There is another website called Mania-exchange where users can store and publish all their mapping creations. You can look for the maps you want to put on your server, but also create an account and post your own maps for all the other users. There are many interactive features that allow to rank the maps, write comments and more... The Shootmania section is under Alpha and private at the moment, it will open as soon as the game comes out!
Mania-exchange :
More to come...
Many other actors of the community are preparing, at that moment, tournament websites dedicated to Shootmania. European and US people are gathering and working on awesome content to feed our tournament eater zombies stomachs... So we stay tuned, and will update this Toolbox as soon as we get new information.
Your tournament website is not listed here and you think it is unfair? You know a good adress that we missed? Feel free to mail me and inform me of my ignorance, I will add it to this Toolbox:
How to practice?
Now the real interesting thing is here : How to practice and become the best SM player, you and your 2 mates? There are also many ways to practice and find opponents during your long empty Hardcore gaming nights, and some features on IRC or on Steam are already here to help you to gain the most high level training.

Some community websites :

Thanks to LBF who made this list on the Maniaplanet official forum,

Dedicated servers and forum.

Fox Control
Dedicated servers and forum.

Mania Creative
News, forum, tutorials and downloads.

Downloads and forum.

Downloads, tutorials and forum.

Maniaplanet- Clans
News, downloads and forum.

Maniaplanet Informer

Mania Zones
Dedicated servers and forum.

Our Maniaplanet toolbar

ShootMania Esports
News and forum.


Media and forum.

Trackmania Server in a box
Dedicated servers.

Media, forum and downloads.
Dedicated servers.


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