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Last night the grand final of TmT 2012 was played between Team Acer and Team Dignitas with Team Acer coming out as the victors with a score of 7-2, 7-3 vs their opponents.

Picture by TmT

Mania-Actu congratulates the winners and also wants to congratulate the TmT admins for a very well organized tournament! 105 teams signed up for what must be one of the best tournaments ever organized in this game, which shows TMN is still going strong as an eSport.

Below you will find VODs of the grand final:

Live-stream VOD:

VOD from RtA|Blizz:

You can also find all 5 TmT matches that Blizz recorded in this playlist

TmT 2012 podium:

  1. de Team Acer
  2. gb Team Dignitas
  3.  Rule them All & gb Team Infused

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#1 by Wotre on 2012-10-08 at 14:51

Congratz Acer, well played, you showed us who is the true #1 ! You showed this not only by beating them on the track but also by showing respect to TmT and to the community which Dignitas failed to do yesterday.

#2 by Wally on 2012-10-08 at 21:52

For you Wotre, showing respect means to nolife a game? Dude, Carl.Jr and Bergie were training a lot for ESWC which they both qualified for. I think its more prestigious than TmT ( no offense to TmT, its a nice tournament ). Anyway, maybe they didnt train as we all expected, but yeah, sometimes other stuff come before a video game. You don't even know the reason why they didn't train so maybe you should not talk like that.


#3 by Taart on 2012-10-08 at 22:25

well dignitas isnt a 2 man army...they have more then enough players and still bergie and carljr played so no offense to them.
but the way they played wasnt worth a final, they were more focused on trolling then playing in the end...
thats also what wotre wants to say..being notrained, ok can happen, but then behaving/trolling like this took away the nice final feeling, cause it was already done before they started...

anyway gg acer

#4 by Wotre on 2012-10-08 at 23:02

Not nolifing Wally, but behaving in a correct way and that is training like they do, did and will do for other matches.
But I guess you're right that I don't know the reason why they didn't train, that's very true.
My point simply was that I thought that Dignitas was well organized enough to be able to handle these busy tm-days with their awesome (and big enough) line up.
Guess not.

#5 by Wally on 2012-10-09 at 13:32

I understand your point of view guys. But i think i'm very well place to understand the situation more than you. I'm part of RtA and we pull up a good fight with Acer in semi-finals. After watching that 'final' we would have like to be at the place of dignitas because we would have been more train i guess. But you know what? It doesn't bothers me THAT much like a lot of people.

(sorry bad english) and yeah, gg acer.

#6 by Korre on 2012-10-13 at 17:02

Well played guys :)
Too bad Dignitas didn't seem to take this final serious enough, but maybe they knew they stood no chance against our bots ò_ó mwuhahaha

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