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Hey there! ET-generation website, well known by the Trackmania community, is about to launch ther fist Shootmania : Storm Cup. As they promised during the Alpha tests, this website is starting its Shootmania section. But as usual, ET-generation will not do the same as every cup organisers around. No Elite mode here, no team and no cash prizes! You will fight alone, in the battle field! Your courage, cold blood, madness and rockets will be your only weapons because this is ROYAL mode. You will not be able to hide behind your mates, preshoting like hell and pray to land something on someone... So, stay tuned, prepare, and let the show begin.

Rules :

  • Registrations are open until 18 October 18.00pm server time
  • The cup will start at 14.30h ET server time on Sunday, the 21st of October 2012 and is played on Shootmania : Storm
  • 1vs1vs1...vs1 on Royal mode,every server 16 players
  • every phase will played on sunday at 14.30pm on ET server's.

So, every pub players that were afraid of Elite mode have no ewcuses no more, and MUST register there. Because a lot of Royal players are waiting for you...

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