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What a show we saw yesterday on the official IPL twitch.tv channel. We had 4 games to watch, with all the 1/4 Finals games broadcasted. And we were, at last, able to feel all last week's teams line-ups changes. After having sayed at the GamesCom that they would no longer play this game, as it did not fit to them anymore, colwn are back for the semi-finals! With aKm that joined their team, they definitly can rise to the top and beat everything in Vegas. But this gain was a loss for [M] that lost one of their best player...

With a new line-up ( XSOO and MonnL from epsilon and 3DMAX ) , Thek1ng that gets fired, and the departure of aKm, [M] seems to have lost a lot of skill and do not manage to go at Semi finals with a lost against TCM...

Anyway, you will be able to follow all the semi finals tomorow 20h CEST on the IPL's twitch.tv official chanel : http://fr.twitch.tv/iplshootmania

Here we are! The biggest Shootmania : Storm tournament is about to start! We now know the participating teams, and the Bracket for this $100.000 Cash prize fighting.

Participating teams :

1 Team Dignitas  
2 Eclypsia    
3 Millenium    
4 Millenium.int    
5 colwn    
6 TCM-Gaming    
8 Epsilon eSport    
9 ZONA-Gaming    
10 Spanish Inquisition    
11 Traffic Lights    
12 Infused    
13 Imaginary Gaming    
14 EYES ON U    
15 !BAZINGA!    
16 Swedish Aimers    
17 AMOX Gaming e.V.    
18 Imaginary SupSon    
19 virtualrhythm    
20 #Gamer-Area    
21 UV-Gaming    
22 Team Thrice    
23 Infernal gamerz    
24 ALC    
25 Antwerp Aces    
26 Absolute Legends    
27 Audere Semper    
28 GEN    
29 Get On My Level    
30 DkH-Multigaming    
31 eSuba.INTEL    
32 GamersLeague    
33 H2k GAMING    
34 Impact    
36 Exordium    
37 1puRe    
38 pingPRO    
39 Like a sir    
40 webSPELL GAMING    
41 CUT TEH CRAP !    
42 Netwars    
43 teamate    
44 Avengers    
46 Team Refuse    
47 Balls of Steel


Stream and coverage :

The competition is supposed to begin this evening and finish the 5 October. We do not know much about it, so we invite you to go to their website and tell us if something more clear appears to your eyes. Anyway, stay tuned on our Facebook page to be aware of every stream and results!

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