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Here we are folks. Since the begining of the Alpha, there have ben many one day/ week end cups with prizes that increased more and more and reached a level at Vegas that will be hardly beatable.But one thing was missing and ESL brought it! A huge cup that will take place during some months. A cup where every team will fight, weekly games, and not during a fast crazy exhausted night.

So, ESL is offering and hosting a great big 32 slots league, that will long 3 months, with round robbin and playoffs tree system. So do not miss any second and go ahead register your team to show to the world who is the most respectable Team!

Cup system :

  • The qualifier

The top 8 seeded teams that will signup for the qualifier will be invited in the groupstage without having to participate in the qualifier. That means that the top 24 teams of the qualifier cup will proceed to the groupstage.

  • The Groupstages

In the groupstage the 32 teams that qualified will fill up 8 groups of 4 teams each. The system will be round robin so every team will play all their opponents in the same group once. The matches will be weekly and the default date will be Friday 20.00 CEST (changable if both opponents agree). The first 2 teams in each group will proceed in the playoffs. More information about the groupstage will follow.

  • The Playoffs

The playoffs will be a single elimination bo3 cup with the top 16 of the groupstage participating. The matches will be also weekly and the default date the same as the groupstage (movable also).

Reward :

At last! Let's fight for honour! No cash prizes announced here, but we must admit that this feel like a real fresh air breathing, in a  polluted and cash saturated atmosphere. So ESL will offer premium accounts for the 3 firsts teams of the whole tournament. You can get more informations on the links below.


So we can see that this "League" is not  a real one. It is surrely more than a one day cup, and offers the chance for teams to prepare well for every game. But the next step of competition has not been reached yet. Maby after this league, and after having some material to get a real seeding database, ESL will bring a REAL premship with Division creations, and the chance for every teams to play at their own level. Wait and see...


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