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ESWC France.

There were 11 players who took part to this last qualifer for the ESWC France.
This is the name of the last three qualified players for ESWC France which take part to the Paris Games Week.

  • fr Carl
  • fr Ned
  • fr Epik

The 8 players below will fight to the Paris Games Week to win the only slot availaible for France to play the World Cup.

  • fr Yoyo
  • fr Rapt
  • fr ArtiShow
  • fr Clemouf
  • fr t0ub
  • fr Carl
  • fr Ned
  • fr Epik

ESWC World.

There is 9 players who took part to this online qualification tournament in order to win one of three slots to take part at the ESWC World Cup at Paris.
The 3 qualified players are :

  • ca CarlJr
  • no Bergie
  • cz Horeni

Those 3 players will be qualified with sk hakkiJunior who is qualified to defend his title!

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#1 by Bergie on 2012-09-30 at 20:44

Well done with the organisation of the qualifiers admins:)

#2 by Wally on 2012-09-30 at 22:10

yep sick guys. GG Carl, Berg and Hore :D
Have fun in France <3

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