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Don't forget our International tournament this Saturday and Sunday. All teams without National Qualifier can participate.


Mania-Actu and Drakonia will organize an international tournament for ShootMania Storm. The tournament will take place Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October at 13.30 for the check-in. There will be a double elimination tree with 32 teams.


The tournament begin around 14h.


The servers will be provided by Drakonia and Mania-Actu.

The Mappack : 

  • Elite - Crossfire (of Kyb)
  • Elite - Paladin (of Kryw)
  • Elite - Swift (of ph0enix)
  • Elite - telesCope (of Maksen)
  • Elite - GreenValley (of PapyChampy)

Download the Mappack : here

Registration :

Registration is forbidden for people who have a national qualifer for ESWC :

Qualifications :

  • 4 first teams of the tournament
    • The first and second team of the tournament will have their trip and hotel paid.
    • The third and fourth team need to pay their trip and hotel.

Streaming :

Mania-Actu want to stream the tournament. And you can suggest yours. Please send us an email to to tell us the link of the stream, the language and which tournament do you want to broadcast.


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