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Accustomed to playing a leading role on the international tournament in recent months, will perhaps BX3 power now aim for nothing other than victory, in fact, with the recent news about the end of MythiX, They have already found a new house !
BX3 and mythiX respectively third and fourth of the last EMS, will now join forces !


There is first statement from the two captain :


  •    Krijn ‘Krijn’ Lammers
  •    Peter ‘znik’ Skarstein

Players (12)

  •    Arijan ‘meL’ Hucaljuk
  •    Clément ‘Clemouf’ Massicot
  •    Cristian ‘Solid’ Lopez
  •    Eric ‘dejay’ Uder
  •    Fabian ‘ChillerSide’ Schroer
  •    Florian ‘oNio’ Roschu
  •   Jonas ‘JohN’ Kemmer
  •    František ‘NeO’ Filiač
  •     Loïc ‘loic’ Bart
  •    Mustafa ‘KinGoD’ Yigit
  •    Rafael ‘wh1sper’ Ramos
  •    Rodrigo ‘battou’ Morais


  •    Kristoffer ‘TinTin’ Somby (Serverhost)
  •    Christian ‘shortz’ Theune (Moviemaker)
  •    ‘FLyeR’ (Trial member)


With such an effective hard not to consider a place in the final of the next STC, but they are not the only contenders ...

Stay tuned...

Source:  http://esport.bx3.no/?p=1228

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#1 by Aken on 2012-09-17 at 21:13

Good luck lads!

#2 by frostBeule on 2012-09-17 at 22:08

a good solution for the scene :)

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