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Last Saturday was the french tmnf ESWC qualifier tournament.

Players of this tournament

  • Clemouf
  • Vek
  • Toub
  • Artishow
  • RamiroJunior
  • Tona
  • Kronos
  • Slowarse
  • Ivtec akahouse
  • Troudepinenati
  • Infrabass
  • Funkyelephant
  • Zarathoustra

Time Attack

Playoffs tree

Winner bracket :

Looser Bracket :

So Artishow, Clemouf and Toub won this tournament and are now qualified for the ESWC France! Congratulation! Player that did not qualify and wish to play there, will be able to try again during the second tournament that will take place in 2 weeks.

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