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The first qualification cup for ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 has now been announced. As Mania-Actu previously reported, this will be the first out of six qualifications in total.

The qualification will take place Sunday 16/09/12 starting at 16:00CEST. Surprisingly, classic ESL maps from previous tournaments will be used. They are as following:

  • ESL-ReckLess
  • ESL-Hockolicious
  • ESL-Mugiwara
  • ESL-YoYo
  • ESL-Uniquia
  • ESL-Milano Star

​It's unclear whether these maps will be used for all six qualifications. We will keep you updated in the matter.

To get more information, check out ESL's own newspost.

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#1 by Wally on 2012-09-08 at 20:09

Holy damn :D will be very nice i think :)

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