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ESWC Slovak

Slovak got one slot for the ESWC 2012 on Trackmania Nations Forever. In order to send their best player in Paris they set different rules for the qualifications. There is 5 online tournaments for Slovak players and one offline tournament. During the 5 online tournaments players will receive points according to their position. After the fifth cup, the best eight in the final rankings will go to the offline final to try to win and goes to the GrandFinal in Paris.

  • Servers will be provided by organiser of
  • TimeAttack
  •  2maps of 10minutes*
    *When TA seeding will start admin set the next map and two following ones will be played
  • You can find the tree by following this link
  • Double elimination (winner & loser bracket)
  • Mode : Cup mode (to 100 points) ,**two winners from every group(*4 players per group) go to next round ,5 laps per a map(1wu).
    *If register more than 32 players so there will be 8 groups(servers),two best of every group go to next round.
    **The final will be played to 120 points on three winners
  • Vote is disabled and map will be choose randomly.

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