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ESWC just announced how the French qualfications for the international competition will take place. 16 french teams will be invited to the Paris Games Week and will try to win one of the 2 slots that are given to France for the international finals. 4 online tournaments will be organised to qualify the 16 french teams.

Qualification Tournaments : 

  • 4 slots on a tournament organised by Drakonia.
  • 4 slots on a tournament organised by Mania-Actu.
  • 4 slots on a tournament organised by Team-aAa.
  • 4 slots on a tournament organised by Millenium.

The packmap :

A mappack made by the comunity will be used. You can send your maps to before the 8 of September at 9pm CEST. The mappack will be released the 9 of September. The maps must be made with ELITE mode.


More informations about the rules and dates of these qualifications tournaments will come soon.

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