NADEO week part #5 : Satanas - ManiaActu - News for TrackMania, ShootMania, and QuestMania
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Hello Satanas, could you introduce yourself to our readers, and describe your place at Nadeo?
Hi all, satanasdiabolo also known by the nickname farfa. My name is Philippe, I'm 26, I am a computer science engineer from a school based in Nantes. At Nadeo I'm Online engineer. I deal with the development of all online systems with 3 other Online engineers from Nadeo Live (the_big_boo, gouxim and magnetik). Meaning we developed the ManiaHome tablet, with the new server browser, ManiaLive, ManiaLib, and many other tools that are useful to us, but also to you.

At the beginning, you were a Trackmania player like a lot of people here, how did you find your job at Nadeo?
I became a Nadeo developer after my studies. I made ​​my first internship (Bac +3) at Nadeo, then I did my last internship at Nadeo, and I am still there.

What are the strengths of the new 2.0 Maniaplanet to you?
Houlà! Huge question! There are many in my opinion, particularly the title-packs. With opportunities to create his own game mode. TM had already infinite life, but now it's become exponential.
Then there is also the new dedicated server browser we implemented on the ManiaHome tablet, which will become the main hub of activity on Maniaplanet. And there are so many other smaller changes for the players but really exciting for us that I can't mention all!

What are the next features that we should see appear on Maniaplanet?
Normally you should give you soon a ManiaCup system, and of course improve existing tools.

1 word to describe ShootMania?
Legend................ wait for it ................ dary!!!!

Thank you for all these details and I let you finish.
Thank you Mania-Actu to have thought about me for the interview, it is always a pleasure to answer your questions. I hope you  will have as much fun as we do about SM and Maniaplanet in general! I can't wait to see the new title-pack prepared by the community!


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    #1 by infarctus on 2012-08-31 at 12:11

    <3 maniacup!!!!! nice news!!!

    #2 by haenry on 2012-08-31 at 16:02

    And another nice interview, thanks. I especially like the news about ManiaCup and cannot wait to see it in canyon :D

    #3 by tcq on 2012-08-31 at 16:17

    ManiaCup sounds nice. Go for another team campaign :)

    #4 by infarctus on 2012-08-31 at 19:14

    oh man! Mania team was just awesome. Your comment just remindme hours spending with 10 pafs tryin to catch 10 author times. Was a great time...Just about to come back.

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