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Hello PapyChampy, could you tell our readers who you are, and describe your job at Nadeo?
Hello ! My name is Guillaume, I'm 24 years old, and I'm a Level Designer in the NadeoLive Team.

How did you end up as a mapmaker for Nadeo ?
It was really unexpected, and it was more luck than anything else. the Nadeo Team noticed me when I won the StarTrack mapping Contest on TrackMania United. Following this, the Team contacted me to help build the solo campaign of TM² Canyon, and then to take care of the Platform campaign, on Canyon too. Since those events, I work on the maps of the Nadeo games.
I'm really grateful to Nadeo on the fact that they gave me my chance.

Where do you find inspiration and ideas for your maps ?
To be perfectly honest, nowhere. I try as much as possible (As I did in TM) not to use other creations (maps/existing concepts) for a reference, and I mainly do some experimentations in the editor. This method isn't really conventionnal, but I've always worked that way. The main advantage of this method is that it allows to get fresh and creative content. it gives a better identity to the game in my opinion.

What are you maily looking for when creating maps ? (Gameplay, technical aspect, scenery...)
There are many restrictions when creating "Nadeo" maps. Maps have to be intuitive, easy to read for the player. They also must have a "special element" or "concept", so that they can be identified more or less immediately by the players. Maps have to be "safe", so that a player won't be able to stuck himself inside blocks, or to get out of the map and wander around outside the battle area. Finally, the maps have to be good looking, so that the game in general could be seen the best way possible. Last very important point : maps have to be fun to play. ^^
Other restrictions can be added, depending on the use of the map, but every time, all those rules I've talked about apply for every map. As you can imagine, it's sometimes very hard to combine every restriction in a map. =)
Most of the time, I especially try to create good scenery, because it's very important for the player to be playing inside a rich environment. Also, I really try to polish what is inside the map : how the blocks are assembled together : it has to be as interesting as possible.

Are new blocks scheduled ? (If yes, what are they?)
New blocks for Storm are scheduled, yes. But I think it's better to keep the surprise for the players to discover them themselves. =)

Which game mode do you like the most when mapping ?
Even if Elite maps are the most difficult to build, I love mapping for this mode. there are many many ideas and various situations to discover. the depth of Elite is really attracting for this.
Battle/Battlewaves are also among my favorites. It's easier to build, but you can still add fresh and interesting concepts. you can also create "micro battle zones" inside a "macro map", which is very satisfying.

1 word to describe ShootMania
Fun !

Thank you for those anwers, I will let you conclude.
All I can say is : experiment and create your own maps with the editor ! have fun, and see you later on a server !


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    #1 by Arni on 2012-08-28 at 08:47

    I disagree with you in the point scenery. I think nobody cares about scenerey if he´s in a 3on3 Elite as an attacker playing and trying to win the round. More than that, it takes fps for "nothing".

    #2 by PapyChampy on 2012-08-28 at 09:33

    I agree with you that it's important not to have any unecessary scenery, when focusing of the gameplay itself (aiming/movement of the players), especially in Elite.

    However, in other game modes, like Melee, Battle or Siege, it can be a big plus. It is also a nice addition for the spectators, who might not get that appealed by a naked map.

    It's a complicated balance to find on each map, to match all of these points.

    #3 by ludo77130 on 2012-08-28 at 10:33

    It's NADEO/Maniaplanet interviews isn't it ?
    Why the pre-last question is "1 word to describe Shootmania" instead of "1 word to describe NADEO/Maniaplanet" ?

    #4 by jhs on 2012-08-28 at 11:40

    I agree with you Ludo ^^

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