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hey folks. Today, we will not speak about competition or skill but we will speak about the pillars of future Esport. We will let someone speak about his professionnal passion, one of those who makes your dreams come true. Indeed, we met Guillaume from the BACATA company, a structure that did not hesitate with sponsoring some events on Shootmania : Storm, like the last PxL where there was a Joust tournament, thanks to BACATA's motivation. We were curious to know every details and way to think of professional actors of Esport. How do they see this new kind of competition that grows day by day. How do they prepare to be the major actors of this phenomenon that attract a whole new generation of gamers. Let Guillaume talk about that :

Hello Guillaume, could you introduce yourself?
Hello, I'm Guillaume from the company Bacata, attached to the sales and marketing department. I'm also in charge of developing the brand QPAD in France since October 2011.

Could you present us BACATÁ ?
BACATÁ is an importer and distributor of computer equipment since 1997. Its goal is to market high quality brands on the French market. Clearly, we choose builders from around the world and we provide the distribution of their products in France and Europe from our dealers. ANTEC, ZALMAN, QPAD, ARCTIC SILVER, CORSAIR belong, among others, our catalog.

What is your personal way into the world of gaming (ESport or general)?
For the story, I began to play over the network since my 13 years. My first game was Rainbow Six and I quickly switched to CS 1.3. I learned to play against Koreans and Thaïs because I lived 4 years of my life in Seoul and 3 years in Bangkok during my adolescence. I returned to France to continue my studies and I continued to play many FPS. I flourished on a MMORPG where I was leader of a BlackMmarket CLAN on a server of LINEAGE2 (we held the most Adenas). I'm now on AION, SWTOR, WOW and I frag on ShootMania to relax.

ShootMania seen by a professional, it gives what?
This is a game for the future that has all qualifications to be the best  fast-FPS on eSports. It has now a large mobilization linked to its launch. Even in beta, it raises a general interest by Gamers. As the latest FPS generation, it also requires a simple machine and not a tank to run. It's therefore interesting to make communication on the latest products offered by our manufacturers to the gaming community, at LAN tournaments on my stand Bacatá and during online tournaments. We don't forget that Gamers are the extreme users-testers of our products.

And NADEO in general?
NADEO for me, it was TrackMania. I spent hours with friends to design complicated maps, unreachable and make my friends mad about it. It's also the LAN competitions and the revolutionary rating system. The day when, in preview, NADEO announced the concept of trackmania suitable for FPS, I just could not wait. Now that I've tasted, I share with a lot of players the NADEO magic.

We know that you have provided much material for the conduct of the SM tournament in PxL, and you're partner with Punchline Cool Cup. Can you explain to newcomers the partner system and sponsor, develop a little the system giving / giving.
As you say, partnerships or sponsor are giving - giving but it must be mastered from A to Z. The eSports is a virtual gateway between players and builders and we know it. No quality components, no quality machines. No quality machines, no games. No games, no players and no players...well...No players. There are different types of communications to promote existing products, and partnerships or sponsor are part of it. Consider the Formula 1 : Every car make its pub. Whether or not connected with the world of Formula 1. In eSports : there's almost always a link. Each event will talk about the sponsors, their products, actions they do and their culture. In exchange for this communication (which must be mastered and quality), we pay them in cash or product.

Really, investing in pro gaming is something profitable, or rather visionary?
In France, we're late. There are many players and some groups. Lack of motivation, background, place or passion? During my career, I have seen only one fault : the funds. All multigaming's, LAN's or other events need money, and for that they must hang for it because it's the passion and the quality of service that will get them to have.
Once this concept in mind by everyone, the visionary aspect will become profitable and the machine is running.

We saw a lot of commercial structures engaging in gaming, including creating a multi gaming. Is this program for BACATÁ?
Yes, and it will be unheard.

Partnership level, future events you have planned?
So I'm ANTEC ARENA # 1 in Oye-Plage on the weekend of August 18-19 and PxL#35 the weekend of August 31-September 1. Upcoming events are being validated.

A last word for the community.
Have fun, take pleasure, win, join, choose your brands carefully and keep you mobilize to make French eSports a reference in Europe. We see the world later.

So, thanks again for answering our questions, and satisfy our curiousity. We sincerely hope that all your projects will come with the success it deserves!

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