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After the Cologne event, and all the noise around the Shootmania : Storm tournament, and despite a huge sucess on the official Ubisoft stand, the tournament had some issues, like too many noise that prevented players to focus, PC's not powerfull enough and some serious hardware issues. We met kryw, 3DMAX player, to ask him to explain how this event was.

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm kryw from 3DMAX, that's it.

How did you enjoy your journey to Cologne and the visit of the GamesCom?

The tournament was a catastrophy. Unfortunatly, I was not able to visit the GamesCom, only Hall 8.

So, let's talk about the subject. You lost all your games, after an impressive qualification tournament. What happened?

First there was Outrag3, who thought that he was a great warrior. He drove the whole way from Toulon to Metz, slept for 2 hours and then drove to Cologne without having any rest. We arrived at 7:00 in the morning at GamesCom and we would be playing at 11:00. At that moment, he was like a zombie (but this was our fault, and RedWave's too, as all the hotels were full). Fortunatly, JeRyo from Nadeo asked Outrag3 if he wanted to sleep in his hotel room! JeRyo, if you read this, you are a God!)

Then, when we were ready, we had a lot of issues with adjusting Teamspeak, microphones and XSO did not manage to run his hardware drivers. I played with my keyboard on my knees because of a hole in the table, but that is not really important. The real important thing was this XMG stand! Where they deaf? There was almost a thousand decibels comming out of their sound system. Despite our professional noise cancelling headphones, we could not hear anything, neither the game nor our voices! So when we were playing defense, it was just random. We could only ping to give some informations to our mates, we were not able to play at our level.

At the begining the ping was really unstable (20-90). They managed to fix that later in the afternoon, which gave to the other pool a good ping of 5. To conclude, i was so exausted that I removed my headphone and played the last game just for fun. Without the headphones, it was completely the same. You were only able to hear the XMG stand.

We saw Colwn, the favorite in this tournament, loose all their games. We saw Winz get worked up with the game during a match. Can you explain what happened?

One or two weeks before the GamesCom, I told Winz that they would get stroke hard and defeated, as the general level of the game was not the same as at the CybSum and the Colwn teamplay was not deep enough. But their ego was too strong and what happend was not a real surprise. After their first defeat, Stermy just broke up (they had many hardware issues), he wanted to leave the tournament. In the end, he played the next game but they were too deconcentrated to play well... After that, they decided to stop the game...

You went to many TMNF lans, can you compare TMNF lans with Shootmania?

You compare the playable with the unplayable. Next time, i'll put on three headphones! But I have to say that the admins did what they could to fix the issues. Unfortunatly, it was too late when they managed to fix it. I hope that next time, there will be a good mood to play and that we won't have the feeling that we are in a night club.

Did ShootMania got a great impact and success with the GamesCom audience?

I'm not really sure, the official stand was really crowded, so i guess yes. But the tournament was not enjoyable to watch, due to all the issues. Much respect to the top players that managed to play, despite these problems.

A little optimist word to conclude?

I'll try... It is a great deception for me. But Germany is pretty cool, people are really open minded and girls are really cute. That will be my last word for you, Infarctus "the Berlin boy"!

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