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So! For the third introducing to the best Shootmania : Storm teams, we asked some questions to the last qualified team of the ESL Open. One of the 3DMAX members accepted to talk to us about him and his team, but he also talked a lot about really interesting things about the gameplay of the game. It's strenghs, its weaknesses, different changes during Beta and the way he felt the changes. So let's meet Kryw!

  • First name, last name : Nobre, Jonathan
  • Nickname ( ingame ) : Kryw
  • Short explanation of your nickname : It was an Unreal Tournament 4 skin (KouRyuu)
  • What Devices do you use : A keyboard on both SM and TMNF
  • When did you discovered NADEO? : On GAMEONE ( a french tv channel ) . I saw a little of TMO with Desert that seems to be really cool! And there was a track editor. But it's during the TMN release in 2006 that i really started the adventure.
  • From which game do you come from: I started with Doom on PSX in 1995, A lot of CS too, some unreal and Quake
  • In which team are you at that moment : 3DMAX
  • Your old teams : adK, 3DMAX, redwave and again 3DMAX
  • Can you introduce your mates : There is Outrag3 the man who always go to Mc Donald's from 8h pm to 11h am, that is 4,50 meter tall, like ectO the flying coffin. And there is XSO the bald guy and meganoob, that's always in McDo but as a worker :S...We should call our team Big Mac menu i swear.
  • Which player did play with your team? : Since the release, there was Nanoushkaka, with his famous babuska during LAN (hey i do 0 points when attaking for 10 games, and i make 2 in a row at the highest pressure games) Lanf3ust the Croatian boy tacos seller. aKm the raging Happy Meal, my head is as big as the mediocrity of Archways. Thek1ng because he is the best ( yeah boy!) and then quako the corsica boy that loves ravines, and now the 2 McDonald's
  • What is your role in your team ( leader, caller...) : I am the Quaterback, i throw the ball and decide of the tactic. There are no roles. During LANs i just love fake raging.
  • What are your strengths : mental. The vision of the game that permish me to do crazy things during decider rounds, when there are still 3 defensers and 10 seconds to capture the pole.
  • Your weaknesses : Red colour. ( Thanks NADEO for not including daltonisme mode. Amazing to see red on a green land )
  • what are your mates weakness and strenghs : Outrag3 is too stressfull, an XSO is sometimes rushing for no reason, even he does not know why he is doing this.
  • Whats your way of training : We train during the cup. First games are a good warm-up.
  • Who is the best player, in your opinion in your team: It depends, with attacking it is XSO, but i think i am a better defensive player, i try to ping as many time as possible and land some incredible rockets to hear CR1PTON say that i am so lucky.
  • And the worst  : Outrag3, when he is shaking like a chick and smell pee because of his stress.
  • Which tournament did you do : Qualif Cybsum, SOPA, CybSum, IGL, Adroits Cup, Punchline Cup, Millenium Summer Tournament, ESL Beta
  • What are your favorite maps : At that moment, iç think maps are too absic. It's time to change this. This will happen very soon! But i like Fortress, Collided and CrossRoad when the opponents are not fullpoling. If they do, this is all about rail preshots.
  • Are you mapping too? : There are no NADEO titles without my maps. yes i do a lot. It's always joyfull, in TimeAttack, Royal. I have 3 Elite maps that you can test. Papychampi tested it and liked! You can have them on SMX :
  • When and where can we find you ingame : On Storm i often do Royal, even if i have 50 fps ( on a 120hertz screen it is a hell of a lagging game )Some TimeAttack, or a little Melee or Battlewaves. I like to go on OnlyRail servers and land 60 hits in a row.
  • How many time do you spend on the game : It depends, this time, i really play less than before since the last update. The one about speed. The game is less impressive than before. So it is maybe 1 or 2 hours a day, even if before GamesCom qualifications, we used to play 5 hours with no pause.
  • Your worst : The ones with only 3 maps, or the ones without rail, because they don't know how to use it.
  • What do you like in NADEO : Development team. I came to see them some weeks ago and they are so gentil, open minded, and really passionate by what they do. Even if they work 80 hours a week, they still specd time to come inGame and speak to players.
  • What do you dislike : The last Update about straff and global speed of the game. Shootmania wanted to be an Old school FPS, which include a really tech and nervous game. And now this is the contrary since they decrease speed and straff. It's almost random with Rocket duels. And since this, my wish to play is diminishing. Defeinitly not like the Alpha.I hope that Hylis will see by himself that the game is really slow. And i don't speak as a "Good player" but as a spectator. You just need to watch some VODs from GA, SOPA or Cybsum and compare it to the new ones. The game totally lost its dynamic, and as a result, defenser play really too safe and do not haras anymore. And i can understand them! Youcan do nothing at all, when you are on the grass where you can neither straff nor run. You move like a turtle, the attacker just hit you without warning! For exemple, at the SOPA Lan, i used to play really agressiv as a defenser. I was running on the attacker or i was  trying to snake him. We were doing Contains ( We surround and jam the attacker ) It is not possible anymore. Too slow!
  • An advise for beginners : A good friendship between you and your mates, same level if possible.A really good comunication with lot of pings, watch streams/VODs, but without talking about pure skill, the mental is the key!
  • Your favorite sentence in a match game : AAAAH LA CHAAAATTE !!!, Hanlololo il est tellement nuuuul, Hey ouais mon gars Joe l'Poker a encore frapper :D !!, rho la maduuure.. :(
  • Do you play other NADEO games : TrackMania Nations ESWC , TMU
  • And other no-NADEO games : The list is as huge as the number of sprite bottles i drink during a week. I use too like survival horror. The really scary ones ( firsts Resident Evil ) and the 4 firsts Silent Hill. There are some good scenarized FPS like Deus EX 1 and 3, some really fun driving games like Mario kart. Alan wake, Black & White 2, GTA, Mirror's edge ( This game is marvelous ) The only MMO i played was DaoC for the kingdom vs kingdom mode. 200 vs 200, with some 6 in the morning sieges, this game was belonging to a  great age.
  • And last but not least, how will you apprehend the GamesCom tournament? : Quiet and peacefull. At the PGW i had headaches after 1 hour of great noise around and lots of specs. But the attack without pressure is the key to play good.
  • Conclusion ( here you write what you want! ) : I would really like that the straff will be changed back, and a great game speed, so as to really be a fast FPS. because at that moment, i do not really play anymore, i have no great sensations anymore. I invite players to test my 3 Elite maps.

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