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hey folks, after a Dignitas player card, it was time for us to meet on of the player from the top team. So we asked aKm from millenium to answer our questions, speak about who he is and so on...

  • First name, last name : Bignet Dylan
  • Nickname ( ingame ) : aKm
  • Short explanation of your nickname : I can't explain this :D
  • Age : 16
  • Occupation ( school, work ) : I stoped my studies for the moment
  • Which hobbie do you have ( except gaming ) : basket Ball!
  • Computer configuration : i5 2500k, HD 6870
  • What Devices do you use : Steelseries 6G v2, Razer Abyssus, Gamecom Plantronics
  • When did you discovered NADEO? : 2010 with Trackmania Nation Forever
  • From which game do you come from: I come from CSS, but i stop so as to play Quake for 1 year
  • In which team are you at that moment : Millenium
  • Your old teams : adK
  • What is your role in your team ( leader, caller...) : first attaquant, but we don't have specific role.
  • What are your strengths : Good aim and a good feeling of what happen in the game.
  • Your weaknesses : I rush too mush
  • Who is the best player, in your opinion: Without speaking about myself, winz with his teamplay and strenx in solo.
  • And the worst  : I have no idea!
  • Which tournament did you really prefered playing and why : I did every online tournament, i did SOPA, Cybsum and i am going to the GamesCom.
  • What are your favorite maps : Collided, Archways
  • Are you mapping too? : Never tried.
  • When and where can we find you ingame :  Sometimes i play on Royal servers, but mostly on Elite ones.
  • How many time do you spend on the game : It depends, it can be from 0 to 6 hours a day, depends on motivation! :D
  • Your favorite servers : I like all the servers!
  • Your worst : see above.
  • What do you like in NADEO : They listen to the community.
  • What do you dislike : Some weird updates
  • An advise for beginners : Practice and never give up.
  • Your favorite sentence in a match game : AH LA CHATTE ! ( frensh )
  • Your favorite movies : I can watch anything, no favorite ones
  • Do you play other NADEO games : I played a bit to TMNF
  • And other no-NADEO games : CS:S, Quakelive, Starcraft 2, League of legends
  • Conclusion ( here you write what you want! ) :  Thanks to Mania-Actu for this interview, and thanks to millenium for their trust.

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#1 by ynos on 2012-08-15 at 11:27

Young but very good player ,I like your favorite sentence in game ^^

Pourquoi il y à pas les même article coté anglais et coté français ????

#2 by infarctus on 2012-08-15 at 12:17

Because news that are not translated in french can't be seen in the french side of the website. An issue tha should be fixed soon.

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