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Hey boys and girls, time for you to take some days off because a very long week-end is preparing. Indeed, from 16th to 19th August, the GamesCom will take place in Germany. This big electronic event will host lots of maniaplanet stuff and tournaments, on Shootmania but also Trackmania² : Canyon. So watch out ant stay tuned on our facebook page to be aware of every stream with Maniaplanet content. Here is the complete schedule of major events :

Ubisoft press conference :

One of the most interesting event will surely be this Ubisoft press conference where Shootmania will be highlight with a great show match, where 2 top teams from other games will face eachother. The teams wil be Epsilon BF3 ( 2Easy, Morte, Winghaven ) and n!faculty CSS team ( Asmo, qk-Mantis, ste ) . Joe Miller will shoutcast this game, and you will be able to watch the conference and the game on youtube here : ( 3pm CEST )

Shootmania Open qualifier :

The 16th will be the ESL Open qualifier, with 16 teams that will fight to get a slot for the SM Open. The 4 best teams will have the right to fight the 19th will the 4 other teams that already qualified. You will be able to watch these qualifications here : ( 12am CEST )

Shootmania Open :

The 17th will be the major event of this GamesCom, the ESL Open with the 8 european top teams that will fight. This will start at 11am ( CEST) many streams will be availble like dignitas or millenium streams.

TM2L tournament :

Trackmania² : Canyon will be here too, with finals of the TML2 teams tournament. This will, for the very first time, be a 3on3 tournament on TM²! This event will be streamed and you wil be able to watch this here :

The complete schedule of his tournament will be :

  • 13:00 CET – Semi-Final #1 – Lik3D vs. Amok
  • 14:00 CET – Semi-Final #2 – hal.ko vs. BX3
  • 16:00 CET – Match for Place 3
  • 17:00 CET – Final

So do not miss this major event, that will, once again, highlight our favorite Maniaplanet games at a level that has never been reached before!

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