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nl RtA Chillos, the admin of the Giant Cup 10, has interviewed all the 4 finalists of the cup that recently ended. Questions that are asked are for example what the players thought of the tournament overall, as well as details about what happened in the final.

Here's a sneak-peak:

Q1: Hello Tamarillo! First of all, congratulations on becoming the new GC champion! As you know, there aren’t many players who have won the TMN Giant Cup. It is probably the toughest online solo competition. How does it feel to come out on top in such a major event?
It feels more than great! I never expected to become the TMN Giant Cup champion! Of course, my goal was to get a top three position, and I thought that really was doable with a little luck, but to end up first after being knocked down to the loser bracket is ... well, yes, sexy.

To read the full interview with the winner nl Acer|Tamarillo, as well as the other 3 grand finalists, go here.

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#1 by Aken on 2012-08-14 at 13:21

Good job Chillos!

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