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hey boys and girls. In order to introduce you to the top teams of Shootmania : Storm game, we decided to meet some of the player of these organisations. Some answered, some didn't. But Kowa answered, more than we expected, and that's the real important thing here for you readers.

We decided to start with a Dignitas member because of their recent ESL GamesCom qualification. Indeed, during the third ESL Qualifications Cups, they showed a perfect cold blooded skill, that permish their team to beat every opponents...Next step will be GamesCom, where they will face all the top teams! So...The question " Who is Kowa " has an answer now, and your appetite of knowledge can now be satisfied! Let's go!


  • First name, last name : Ted Hansson
  • Nickname ( ingame ) : kowa
  • Short explanation of your nickname : Ninja Turtles "kowabunga" I think it spelled 'c'owabunga tho BUT  whatever
  • Age : 21
  • Occupation ( school, work ) : Progamer ;) Also work extra as security guard and some other shit.
  • Which hobbie do you have ( except gaming ) : All my spare time goes to my awesome girlfriend
  • Computer configuration : Stones and Poo
  • What Devices do you use : Creative Soundblaster Tactic Sigma 3d Gaming Headset, QPAD 5K LE Mouse, QPAD MK-85 Keyboard, QPAD CT 4mm Team Dignitas Version mouspad
  • When did you discovered NADEO? : To be honest I never heard of them untill Shootmania
  • From which game do you come from: From the start I'm from the UnrealTournament Series but most lately I played Call of Duty 4 for ~2 years
  • In which team are you at that moment : Team Dignitas
  • Your old teams : [SR], pure, YoYoTech, Infused
  • What is your role in your team ( leader, caller...) : We don't have any specific roles everyone helps with everything but you could say I'm the sexy one
  • How do you and your mates handle the calling during a game: Like any other game the tactic is called and we execute it and for defence its just calling where he is and pewpew
  • What are your strengths : My brain
  • Your weaknesses : My Temper, I get really pissed if I have a bad day
  • Who is the best player, in your opinion: In team: Kowa, When I'm inform I'm Godlike
  • And the worst  : Kowa. When I have a bad day I'm useless
  • Which tournament did you really prefered playing and why : the ESL gamescom qualifiers I of course enjoyed since we qualified but I think the 2 tournaments hosted by Team Dignitas were running most smooth
  • What are your favorite maps : Castle Crasher
  • Are you mapping too? : No I tried but I'm lazy
  • When and where can we find you ingame : pretty much anytime in Elite or sometimes Joust servers
  • How many time do you spend on the game : 3-5H/day (should be more if you want to be the best) Before tournaments and LANs I can easily bring it up to 10hours/day geek style
  • Your favorite servers : I like pretty much every server
  • Your worst : except GameTournament ones because I couldnt connect to them ;D
  • What do you like in NADEO : They listen to what we say about game changes and do it their own way so the game still gets unique and they really try hard to make it competetive which we really need in the FPS scene at the moment
  • What do you dislike : That they sometimes fix something in a really bad(quick solution?) way for example, when the strafe was 'warpy' they fucked movement up completely but now it's better again. But for awhile I thought they were being lazy with easy fixes!
  • An advise for beginners :Only right practice makes perfect, but perfection is not attainable. However, if we chase perfection we can catch excellence!
  • Your favorite sentence in a match game : TG FDP ':D'
  • Your favorite movies : WALL-E !!
  • Do you play other NADEO games : nope
  • And other no-NADEO games : SC2 , LoL , FinalFantasy Series over n over ;D and loads of other shit
  • And last but not least, how will you apprehend the GamesCom tournament? : Like any other tournament I practise to win and I'll do my best to bring my team to victory
  • Conclusion ( here you write what you want! ) :  I wanna thanks Mania-actu for this interview, my 2nd family (Team Dignitas) our sponsors: Alienware, Intel, Antec, QPAD, Twitch, Creative Soundblaster, Western Digital, Killer, Initial Games iiyama, Scan and Gamerbase hmv

This is now our time to thanks back Kowa for the time he spent for us. So thank you, take care, and good luck for the Germany's GamesCom!

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