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Hey boys and girls, here it is! After a successfull Opening cup and an amazing Camescom qualifier tournament, ESL is launching its first ladder! With no surprises, this will be an Elite game mode ladder :

Message from ESL :

"Ever since ShootMania went into beta more and more players have been flowing to the game. Multiple lans have been announced and online cups fill up faster than they open. ShootMania has everything needed to become the number one competitive FPS game, and we here at ESL want to do everything we can to help this become a reality.

After the first Beta Cups, it's now time to start the first ladder! We have decided to do a Elite ladder at first, as that is the most competitive gamemode of ShootMania. When this ladder is a success, more ladders might follow!"

We can just welcome this great news by registering our teams and defy all the european top ones. We wish ESL good luck with this Ladder and hope this one will be supported by all the great players around. As some ladders aready came around, with some cash prizes like the shootmania.cup one, we hope that players will not be disinterested by this one, and that this ranking will be representative of the current Shootmania scene. There are already 23teams that registered and 5 games played, so w can consider this like a good start!

Last but not least :

With this great news, another one follows. ESL just announced the schedule of upcoming summr Opening Cups :

  • 14th August : Beta Cup #3 : 1on1 Joust
  • 19th August : Beta Cup #4 : 3on3 Elite
  • 23th August : Beta Cup #5 : 3on3 Elite
  • 26th August : Beta Cup #6  1on1 Joust
  • 29th August : Beta Cup #7 : 3on3 Elite

After one german cup,  Joust game mode is finnaly coming in european section. And this is quite a good news for lonely rocket payers. If you are alone, seeking mates, and want to show your skill to the whole Maniaplanet community, do like Eminem did and take this opportunity!

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