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The tournament is ending, and the Drakonia team wish to thanks all the players list and here for our first Joust tournament ! 
The matchs were intense and it were a high level, but we got our winners ! 
Congratulations to " k00pl " who took the first place, " AL Sephis " the second and "_time & ALLFPS-zeZ " the third of the Drakonia's podium, and also all the players that have been fighting tonight. 
If you have suggestions or remarks to tell us to optimize our future Shootmania Tournament, you're the welcome ! 
We hope you spent a pleasant evening, see you soon !

While many tournaments on the net offer you to fight on ShootManias Elite mode, the Joust one often get used only in LAN.

To overcome this gap, the Drakonia and Mania-Actu teams propose to participate at the very first Shootmania Joust's tournament organized on the internet. For this first edition, 32 players are waited to challenge on the Friday, August the 10th.
Program :

  • 21:00 1/16 final (Best of 3)
  • 21:45 1/8 final (Best of 3)
  • 22:30 Quarter final (Best of 3)
  • 23:15 Semi final (Best of 3)
  • 00:00 Final (Best of 5)

Rules :

  • Simple bracket
  • BO3 until quater finale
  • BO5 for semi final and final

Maps :

  • Map 1 : Joust - BrightSide
  • Map 2 : Joust - DuskDuel
  • Map 3 : Joust - JumpToWin
  • Map 4 : Joust - NarrowMinded
  • Map 5 : Joust - Tangled

Every match will take place on the servers that we will provide to you and which will be configured especially for you and this event, in order to give you a game support as optimized as possible.
And also because we want to thanks the future participants and congratulate the future winners, a lot of goodies wearing the Shootmania's colors are to be won, thanks to our partnership with Nadeo
According to the success of this first edition, these Joust tournaments shall be renewed more often. 
We hope to highlight a sportsmanship and a competitive spirit for the delight of all.

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