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Saw on ET-generation website :

Arkone : "Hey track builders !
After a very long break and in order to prepare the launch of the FET7 in September, we will need your maps again!
Same requirements than the last FET with the limit of 9 checkpoints and as usual read carefully the requirements before to send us your creations."

Requirements :

  • mode: Multi-lap (no fake finishes)
  • length: between 50s and 1 minute in a flying lap
  • difficulty: less than UL, "league style" and try to avoid blind passages or confusing crossroads!
  • validation: 1, 2 or 3 laps, no need in validating the maps with 24 laps
  • checkpoints: around 10/12s / no more than 9 checkpoints used (see explanation below)
  • no obstacles: holes, poles, tolls, green containers, wood jumps (except if it is used as layout) or any other weird things you can add on the road… nada, niet (or not too much)
  • no cuts, no bugs
  • check the feedback center for general league track requirements

Important :

The full race must not have more than 250 checkpoints, after the in game ranks and times become crazy. This means that for a 24 laps race, the maps must not have more than 10 checkpoints, multi-lap block included! So max is 9 checkpoints blocks, plus the multi-lap block.

Please use the tag "FET7-NAME" and upload your maps on the Upload Module, 'FET' category. Deadline for submitting maps will be published later but you shouldn't wait too long.

You can upload your FET7 tracks here

Have fun building,
The admin team

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#1 by diiesel on 2012-07-30 at 16:45

trackmania united plutot ?

#2 by infarctus on 2012-07-30 at 17:00

oups :) little mistake, thx

#3 by wormi on 2012-08-04 at 09:51

3 maps ready, will send soon :)

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