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Hey folks! If you are old enough, you shall remember the good old days when you were playing on your Super NINTENDO's micro machines awesome title. You were sharing your 2 controlers with 3 of your friends to race on great tracks like a kitchen table or a sand playground. This was the good old days, but thanks to WTC servers, you will be able to recall this age! So, time to have fun...

Indeed, WTC is about to launch a 1-day fun cup called Micro Machines CUP! Why this name? Just because their servers and tracks are customized to purose to players a Micro Machine Gameplay like! Indeed, for those who never played on this game mode on TMF, the mode is just a force god mode cam ( CAM #10 ) that follow your car from above. This tricky force cam permish to get a new feeling about how to handle the Game play of Canyon! So if you want to have fun with your team mates, don't loose this meeting and keep your friday evening free!

Tipiizor message :

"Let me introduce you our latest cup ! As you may have already seen, we opened a new WTC server called "WTC GAMES", it's about conceptual maps. Some of them are micro machines maps (top view). Since we have 10 of them, we wanted to create a little cup just for the fun."

Rules :

  • Cup Starts : Friday 03/08 9.00 pm CEST
  • No registration needed
  • Round mode, 31 point on each map
  • A ranking will be done, and there is 10 000 planets to share !
  • You can join the WTC Group to be aware of every WTC cups wtcforver/trialrox ( login/pswrd )

To participate, just join the WTC Micro Machines server, and don't be late! You can download he Mappack here!

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