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On July the 28th, the Killer Elite Cup took place. This cup, hosted by Team Dignitas and sponsored by Killer was played in the Elite mode (3on3), just as the title makes you expect.
The cup featured as prizes: $1000 in cash for the winning teams and also $500 in merchandise for the fans!

The system used in this cup was Single Elimination, starting at first with 4 rounds after which the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals took place. All matches in the cup were a best of three maps, only the final was best of five.

Eight maps were used during this tournament: Collided, CrossRoads, ArchWays, TheCastle, SolarFlair, Watch Your Back, Castle Crasher and Fortress.

Third place decider
The third place decider was played between nl Eclypsia and europeanunion VerTex.
As in the other matches, played before this match, the third place final is a best of three maps.
The teams battled eachother on two maps:

Map won by nl Eclypsia

The Castle
Map won by nl Eclypsia

The final
The final was played between fr Millenium and europeanunion 4NOTHING.
This match was a best of five maps. In the end, the two teams battled eachother on only three maps:

Map won by fr Millenium

Map won by fr Millenium

Map won by fr Millenium

The podium
1st place: fr Millenium, taking home $600
2nd place: europeanunion 4NOTHING, $300
3rd place: nl Eclypsia, $100

The full results can be found here (bracket overview).

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#1 by Gaétan on 2012-07-29 at 22:06

Eclyspia's team isn't french...?!

#2 by thoveN on 2012-07-30 at 10:04

as expected, Millenium too STRONG!

#3 by TheM on 2012-07-30 at 10:28

#1 According to the Dignitas website Eclyspia is Dutch ...

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