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Few days ago, Nadeo Live has released a plugin named : TeamSpeak.

"A new standard plugin to expose some TeamSpeak features ingame. It can create automatically a channel for your dedicated server and 3 subchannels: 1 for each team and 1 for commentators. Spectators can either listen to commentators or talk freely in the main channel."

As you can understand this plugin is dedicated for Shootmania's Servers in order to communicate with your TeamMates. According to your team (blue / red) or if you are spectator, you are moved to the correct channel on TeamSpeak to communicate with the players on the server.


  • A TeamSpeak server on which you know the ServerQuery credentials.
  • Using threads is useful for this plugin (but that's not mandatory).


  • TS group for ManiaPlanet players
  • Connection to the TS server from the game by clicking the TS icon
  • "Join protected" channels for each ingame team
  • Auto switch when changing team or going to spectator mode

In order to make this plugin, functionnal, you need to have of course ManiaLive 2.1.

You can download the plugin in the Standard Plugins for ManiaLive.

As you sould know, your feedbacks is very important for the DevTeam, don't hesitate to give your feedbacks about this plugin on the Forum post on ManiaPlanet.

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