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Indeed Mania-actu needs your skills! As you may have seen before, we have great ambitions for mania-Actu. With highlights on the new NADEO game and the wish to open our doors to the world, we will need your skills!

We invite all of you, french or english, with a great motivation that will not vanish with time, to join us

SM, TMNF and TM² writers / translator

As you may know, it is the main job of the website because yes,  to have full energy contents, we always need great news writers. It can be on TMNF, TMUF, TMDS or TMWii, we seek people.

A great knowledge of the community and skills on writing in your language are necessary to master correctly these tasks.

Videomaker and streamers

Realise a quality video can't be done by everybody...And that's the reason why we seek people that have great realisation skills for the release of Mania-Actu video projects.

We also always need english streamers and shoutcasters, so if you think you can do this job, just join us!


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