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Inside TMX (TrackMania Exchange) - the map-sharing community of TrackMania - a unique map-building contest has been initiated by the well-known community members SapphiroN and cranberries called The Summer Challenger [tSC].

The contest is inspired by online gaming achievement-systems such as Steam-achievements, Xbox achievements and PS3-trophies and tries to bring the competitive scene of achievement-hunting into the world of TMX.

The basic idea is to complete as many certain achievements as you can while building a new map and earn Achievement Points [AP]. In addition to these Achievement Points, you will also earn Judge Points [JP] from a jury who will be rating your maps based after certain criteria.

There are some really cool prizes to win in the contest. First place gets a copy of Bastion to be activated on Steam plus an extra 20,000 coppers. 2nd and 3rd place also don't go home empty-handed as 2nd place gets 10,000 coppers and 3rd place gets 5,000 coppers.

The deadline for sending in your maps is before Sunday the 12th of August 23:59CEST.

To find out addition information about the contest aswell as specific rules, check out the official topic over at TMX.


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