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Nadeo strikes back, bringing us a fresh updated for our beloved game. This time – improvements in map editor, bug fixes, and a brand new game mode.

Let’s begin with minor changes, so we build up an intrigue in your mind during the reading.

Changes with Graphic Engine:

  • Fixed several occasion on which the game would either die or go unconscious.
  • Fixed FPS drops due to shooting in a close proximity to a wall.

General improvements:

  • Fixed some bugs in the menus.
  • Balance of sound has been improved.

ShootMania related stuff:

  • Now you can not carry a Nucleus with yourself when leaving the dungeon. Before this patch it was possible to do so, due to the bug.
  • Very strange, they fixed this, but they did not fix having rockets if you drop through circles.

TrackMania changes:

  • Fixed bug with score sorting.
  • Default key bindings were made good.
  • Scripts had problems with handling improper time values.

Some Script improvements too:

  • New syntax Array.sortkey() – sort an array according to the keys.
  • Array’s functions sort() and sortkey() are now stable and good to go.
  • IdNull, from now, will be logged correctly.

Next, we have some improvements with the Map Editor. Basically, from what I understood, you can now actually place one block on top of another. Beta 1 we could place an archway, and build a stone block inside it. Now we can just put it on top of existing block. Also you can cover stone blocks with terrain, leaving them above (if they are high enough). Here’s the video, that will illustrate, what you can, and what you cannot do (about the changes). But those are only basics.

And, finally, the new game mode. Storm.

  • Map, that has 5 (?more?less?) checkpoints that can be captured.
  • Match consists of 5 rounds, each round is being played from both sides.
  • Attacking team choses (all players) between laser gun and rockets.
  • Defenders chose between rockets and nucleus. Their shield is 1 point strong.
  • Attacker has 1 point in 1st round, 3 points in the 3rd. You got it.
  • Round begins, one team attacks. After 45 sec they have to capture in 15 sec.
  • Or any of teams can kill all enemies to win the round/objective.
  • If they capture point, they move to next with same rules, if they fail to capture, teams change sides. When other team fails, next round begins.
  • Map finishes after 5 rounds (so 5 attacks and 5 defences for each team).
  • If a team capture all points, you win directly the map.
  • Wins team with most checkpoints captured during all the game.

Basically, that is all in short for the new patch. Special thanks to:

  • Hylis, for posting basic changelog.
  • Fyem, for hinting on map editor changes.
  • Nadeo, for great game and the update.

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