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Hey Shootmaniacs!
Another European eSport League, the 4Players League, will launch its Shootmania:Storm section soon.
4Players League is a growing organization, mostly known for their League of Legends cup series. The plans look promising so far…
Opening Cup
There will be an opening cup in 3v3 Elite mode, no date is set for that, but it should be soon.
It will be open for every team that wants to participate, for now we don’t know if there will be any prize pool for that.
Regular Cups
There will be cups on a regular basis, every second weekend there will be a 3v3 Elite cup and there will be 2 Joust 1v1 cups every month.
There will be ladders for 1v1 Joust and 3v3 Elite for some ranked fun. The mappool isn’t decided yet. You can suggest maps in their forums.
About a prize-money league, there are no plans for now, but if there are sponsors in the future, this can change.
It’s all about the community
4PL tries to involve the community a lot, if you want your maps to be played in the cups, contact the admins of the section. Also, if you are a rather unknown mapper, try your best, send in your maps, and if they think it is good enough, your map will definitely played in one of the cups. Also, the 4PL encourages the participating teams to rate the maps and to provide feedback to their mappers. This will most likely happen in their ShootMania forums.
All in all…
That sounds like a good concept, but with all the prize money tournaments already ongoing on other sites, the success of the section still remains to be seen. Supporting the community by listening to the community is certainly a good thing.

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