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Mania-Actu just released a feature for helping competitive players to practice, scrim and have fun so as to reach the best leve for high competition. Indeed we just launched a Scrim Network ( war/practice ) on Steam! The main goal of this group is to permish people to post scrim seeking announcements that every steam user will be able to see on real time ( within the game )

Let's see how it works!


  • This is the Mania-Actu's Group for helping competitive player to find opponents/seek scrims/pcw/enjoying game with friends on ELITE and JOUST ShootMania's game mode.
  • Every people belonging to this Group can post an announcement to seek what they are searching for. If you are a team that seek opponents, 2 players that seek a last one to scrim, 1 player that seek a JOUST duel or just some friends that search 6 players to enjoy a mixgame : just go ahead!
  • This is  a private group, and you will need an invite to be part of it. You will need  to add anyone in this group to get an invite.
  • For a good international understanding of your announcement please post in this format : looking for elite 3v3/Looking for 1v1 JOUST/Team seek last player for scrim/Player seek mix for ELITE/Mix up join chatgroup
  • You can write your supposed level on the announcement like : high/medium/low
  • If you see an announcement that may inetrest you and your team, just add the announcer on your steam friendlist and let's talk business.


Every spammer/troll/any insults on announcements will result with a kick from the administrators.


  • So as to be aware of every anouncement while you play to ShootMania, you need to add ManiaPlanet to your steam, as a non-steam game
  • When you are on steam, go to the "game" tab, then "add a non-steam game to your library" then browse and find it.
  • You will need to launch your game via steam to see announcements while you are playing.


You can join our mania-actu community teamspeak, just occasionnaly, or ask an admin for a permanent channel for your Clan and all FOR FREE!

  • url :
  • pasword : TS_forever


gl&hf scrimming ;)

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#1 by Shap on 2012-06-15 at 15:47

Nice !!

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