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Hey boys and girls! A new big step has been made for the competitive world on Shootmania : Storm. Indeed, the most important european Esport organisation, ESL has opened its Shootmania section. Every user that play on ESL just know that it was just a matter of time, and that this major website was certainly interested in the new NADEO's fps. So, what's new, what they purpose, and what is the plan for the future of this section...Let's see

SM on versus

For now, we only know that Shootmania : Storm has been added to the ESL versus system. For the ones who don't know it, it is just a system that permish users to seek gathers, games and win some points for the ESL versus ranking. It works like this :

  • Register to the ESL website
  • click on the VS table on the top of the ESL site
  • Browse the games and click on SM : Storm
  • Click on play...then wait

With this system you will be on a random players lobby, you will agree on the game mode, the map and the server to go in, you will be mixed randomly in 2 teams of 3 players then you will be able to play. At the end of the game, you enter the score and gain or loose some ESL versus ladder points.

Fail or succes

The main issue that ESL may know is that many sites already purpose some great tournaments, great prizes, known and loved by every great Shootmania gamers. So they will have to strike hard, and purpose new original content, like GO4, or at least cash/goodies prizes. Unfortunatly, the begining and opening of this section is not that hopefull. We can remember that their try for Trackmania² : Canyon was a big fail, because of wrong setting choises ( NADEO ladder / Mappool for cups ) and a huge lack of activity.

We can be afraid about their first choices here. Indeed, they chose the battle mode for their versus. A mode that is only played by pubs and deserted by pro gamers...So, for a first choice, this choice seems to be the wrong one.

For the future :

At that moment, we have no idea of what content will full the Shootmania : Storm section, How they will handle their cup and ladder systems, what choice they will make to purpose content and cups for customers. But, despite their first attempt, and despite the fact that they come a little bit late compared to all the other tournament websites, we surely wish them a great success, and wish that the community will follow.

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#1 by Gaétan on 2012-07-15 at 11:02

A suivre ça, voyons voir comment l'ESL se débrouille face à ET Leagues.

#2 by Pook on 2012-07-15 at 20:48

#1 English section english comments?

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