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Hey folks! At last, the new Shootmania : Storm Team gamemode just released this night, with the official Beta 1 Update! So for all the players that were complaining about the lack of teamplay with Elite mode, they have no more excuses to not have fun with this crazy game. We will put ever details and how to play it just here!

Rules :

  • 5v5 Team mode
  • The attackers must capture the pole after 45 seconds and before 60 seconds
  • The defenders must prevent the attackers from capturing the pole
  • The teams in defense play with rocket guns
  • The team in attack plays with 4 Lasers and 1 Nucleus
  • The player with the Nucleus is the only one who can capture the pole
  • If the attacker with the Nucleus is killed, the team looses the round
  • The game is divided in rounds of 2 turns each
  • During the round each team play 1 turn defense and one attack
  • The team who wins the turn scores 1 point
  • The first team who scores at least 10 points with 2 ahead of his opponents wins the map

How to play :

You just have to update your game, and install the "Heroes" Title pack, just like you did for Joust and Elite.

Analysis :

  • The defense :

This is basically the same game type as Elite, you will need to have skill on good preshooting the right areas, to barricade your opponents on the dangerous begining zones. Not let them rush and occupate strategic map zones. You will need to constantly have a look on the Nucleus Boy and avoid his rush. Have a great timing with zoning and rushing, full all the space with your 4 team mates's placements, and of course manage your prediction shots skills during rush phases

  • The attackers :

Watch out, you only have 1 hp, this is quite disturbing for Elite players, so you really need to get a good placement, as fast as possible, and manage to dodge every rocket. The nucleus player will have to be really carreful and have a safe play, whyle he can give a good support with his anti camp, and zoning weapon. You will have to watch the timer, as you still need to capture the pole, even if there are no more opponents!


Well, this game mode is a succes and brings what Elite missed, a really great TeamPlay that is being pushed to its paroxysm. We may think that 4 railguns seems to be unfair, but if defenders put a great anti rush and pre-shot game type in place, this "Heroes" mode can really be exciting and  is really great balanced.


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