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Hey folks! A new amazing season of the greatest ( only? ) Canyon tournament will begin. Indeed, just after the TGC1 will take place the Trackmania² World League 2, with the Trackmania² Nation Cup. So be ready! But before starting the event and like every year, The ET-generation admins need your work! So tcq just made an appeal to all the crazy map builders from the community, because the selection will begin soon. Are you ready to spawn in the middle of nowhere?

Message from tcq :

"Hey track builders !
As we run currently the TGC1, we are now ready to prepare at the next editions of the TWL and the TNC. Therefore we would like you to do your best (or in some cases their worst) and let the editor burn. We hope you will provide us with your best maps.

There will be a limit of maps per author in the admin packs and final mappacks so no need to send us more than 3 (two rounds and one multilap) maps on the Upload Module. A duo map counts as a contribution for both players sending it in. Specify if it's a duo map when you upload it. For this, you can use the "comments section" in the upload center.

As MP2.0 beta was released today and pushed to all players, you are allowed to create one of your three maps with the new block set. You ask why not more? Because we can't guarantee that MP2.0 will be stable when we launch the TWL2/TNC2 or if the blocks undergo drastic changes during the different beta versions.
To summarise it: At max 3 map (2 round and 1 lap map). One of this maps can use the new blocks, introduced with ManiaPlanet 2.0 beta. Of course all of your three maps can be duo maps, but this needs to be stated when uploading the map to the et-portal.

We will notice you as soon as possible of the deadline for submitting maps but you shouldn't wait too long if you want to have a chance of being picked in the admin packs.
More informations on the TWL2/TNC2 will follow soon."

Requirement :

  • mode: Rounds
  • length: between 55s and 1.05
  • difficulty: league style
  • checkpoints: approx. every 10-12 seconds after RESPAWN
  • mood: sunrise, day or sunset
  • no cuts and no bugs if possible
  • Please use the tag "TWL2/TNC2"

Multi-lap :

  • mode: Multi-lap
  • validation: 2 laps
  • length: total length (after 2 laps) between 1.10 and 1.20 (~35-40s per lap)
  • difficulty: less difficult than Rounds tracks
  • checkpoints: approx. every 10-12 seconds after RESPAWN
  • mood: sunrise, day or sunset
  • no cuts and no bugs if possible
  • Please use the tag "TWL2/TNC2"

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#1 by Gaétan on 2012-07-10 at 11:29

I just have one small question for you: why all English subjects they are not translated into French? The last topic was written in French on 02/07, and in English, on 10/07!
I know this is long and you probably lack the time; but to help it, I proposed as a french writter for Tm2, and possibly Sm, in a great presentation, but since that, no answers at all...
Sorry for the spam of the topic.

#2 by tRkr on 2012-07-10 at 14:18

Heu rassurez moi la TNC2 c'est la nations cup sur tm2? La 1ère édition s'est bien terminée le mois dernier?

#3 by Lmbwilly on 2012-07-10 at 18:38

#2 hm oui et non elle s'est fini en mars et oui c'est bien la nations cup

#4 by tcq on 2012-07-12 at 15:00

Nice news. Looking forward to some good maps :)
@#2/3: English section, aren't we?

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