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The deadline to register for the beta, which was set at midnight tonight, is the source of many confusion on the net.
Mania-Actu gives you a brief summary of everything there is to know about this long-awaited beta!


What is that deadline of midnight Monday, July 2?
This is the deadline to register for the beta. Nothing says it won't be possible to access it later by other means (key to win, re-opening of registration, ...) but Nadeo hasn't provided any information in this direction yet.


How long will we be able to play the beta?
From the moment you activate your key, you will only have 7 days to enjoy it (it's not the date of the beta opening that counts, but the date of the activation of the key) . A deadline of use will certainly come soon, it goes without saying that the beta will end sooner or later.


Who will have access to the beta?
Absolutely everyone who registered on the website. However in order to not overload the servers in the early days, it's likely that the key distribution will be slowly distributed.


When will we be able to play to the beta?
No official date yet. Everyone has their own more or less uncertain prognosis. We must therefore wait for more Nadeo info, which should not be long given the pressure of the players.


What is the goal of the beta because the Alpha has already helped identifying and correcting many problems?
The goal of the beta for now is to see how the game will react (servers and network) facing a massive influx of players. The gameplay issues and bugs are normally corrected during the alpha (at least in outline, corrections can still happen between now and the final realease of the game).


How long will players have access to alpha?
No dates either, but all indications are that it reaches the end of a straight line for the alpha version. It would therefore not be excluded that we have a period of "dead" between the end of the alpha and early beta, a few days at most.


Will the alpha players automatically get the beta?
Yes, all players owning an alpha key will receive a beta key on their email address provided in their ingame profile.


What happens after 7 days of game given by the beta key?
Nadeo hasn't made an announcement yet, but it was specified that there will be a method to extend its access to the Beta. More should be comming soon.


What will we have in the beta?
More or less the same game experienced by players of the alpha with some fixes. Several game mods available: Elite and Joust that everyone must know from the many streams, Melee, Battlewaves and Time Attack mods that are mostly playing in FFA, and a whole new mod Siege in 5vs5.


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#1 by hottan on 2012-07-03 at 02:42

i just wonder the player who have alpha will they get the beta forever or can we just play for 7 days to ?

#2 by Fabien on 2012-07-03 at 06:55

7 days like everyone, but there will be a method to extend its access

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