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After the announcement of the program for the Cyberathlete Summit, it was the turn for the rules to be released on the CybSum website.

So there are five maps that will be the battlefield this Saturday:

  • Archways
  • Collided
  • CrossRoads
  • SolarFlare
  • TheCastle

Each session will have a specific maporder:

Session in the afternoon, starting at 14:00:
Archways > CrossRoads > SolarFlare > Collided > TheCastle

Evening session, starting at 20:00:
TheCastle > Collided > SolarFlare > CrossRoads > Archways

The matches will be best of five with 6 points per map and a maximum of 7 points if the difference of two points is not reached.

For the occasion Nadeo has produced a short video showing us the different maps of the competition :

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