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"Drivers, start your engines! This Saturday we are hosting another Alienware cup for Trackmania Nations Forever.  The cup is set to take place this saturday, May 19th, and will be a 64 players tournament with the possibility of expanding the slots on popular demand. We still have a £200 prize divided amongst the top eight players, so that everybody gets a good chance to win some cash! The cup starts at 18:00 CET (Time Attack) followed by the playoffs at 19:00 CET.

How do I sign up ?

Make a comment on this newspost with your name, nation and IRC nickname. You are expected to idle #dignitas.cup on Quakenet (Chat) 30 minutes before the cup starts.

Tournament Details
  • Game: Trackmania Nations Forever
  • Players: 64
  • Map pool:  Dragonborn, Nowhere, Quebec (download)
  • Cup date: Saturday 19th May
  • Starting time: Time Attack @ 18:00 CET ?- Round 1 @ 19:00 CET at #dignitas.cup
  • Brackets:  TBA
  • Stream: Team Dignitas' Russki will provide a stream
  • IRC: #dignitas.cup
  • Admin: Sui
Prizes: £200
  • 1st. £60
  • 2nd. £40
  • 3rd. £30
  • 4th. £20
  • 5-8th: £12.5?
  • TMNF player cup
  • Map pool:  Dragonborn, Nowhere, Quebec (download)?
  • Five rounds per map.
  • Cup mode without finalist?.
  • 2 warmup laps on each track?.
  • Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from all Team Dignitas cups. An admin is free to kick/ban any player from the cup if he suspects a player of cheating / abusive behavior.
  • Screenshots of scores must be made after each round."

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