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The second season of the TM2L by de.pngn!faculty will start on Thursday. 

A new season

Again 12 teams will fight for prizes and the participation at the Final at the Gamescom 2012. The first place advances directly for finals, the second of each group will play relegation against the third of the other group. 

Some changes for a better competiton

After the opening of the league for international players, the skill level will raise once again. 

Beside the German Top players also klovni, beppo and 20-100 will participate for more thrilling matches like the 13:11 in tennis mode on the third map of E| versus NOG last year. 

So tune in - every Thursday Group A at 19CET and Group B at 20 CET.

Group A
  • Lik3D (Klovni, Norman, oNio, Dev!L, shaDow, Passi)
  • BX3 (Marius89, Figos, pranksta, 20-100)
  • Dyn 2 (Dmark, Lexx, Lerox, Schellione, Oelenz, Lucario)
  • Amok (tba)
  • exD (sonny, Devil, Berg, Matze, Willy, kyb)
  • ESC (tba)

Group B
  • amp (Laurens, Gerd, BooB, B3pp092, Veto-x)
  • n!faculty (Knie, Smety, Yoshi, lucas94 Might, Invation, Kevin)
  • Dyn 1 (Asserich, Ne1ll, Wouter, Boskever, Dalik, MKiller)
  • hal.ko. (Minato, Andy, haenry, ikes, Majo, Timae, Tolkie)
  • GR (toxn, Robbi, Creeper, NSD, RNB)
  • hal:ko: (tba)— Markus 'd-moll'

Writed by de.pngD-Moll'

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