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The great final VOD is now available on YouTube !

Many players were absents for the cup but it was still very fun !
As it.png Extreme can't be present for the great final, all players of LB final were qualified for the great final. And so the great final has been played with 5 players !

This great final made fr.png Alex winner, with a really nice comeback on fr.png MayehM

Infused|Alex fr.png
 mX.MayheM fr.png
TtDragons|Scrapie be.png
4. ddp.Zuzur fr.png
5. dac-SP.JohN.Bullracing! de.png

Whole play-off tree here

UP14/05/2012 - 18:40

Registration still possible, some slots are available ! If you want to train the first ESL mappack, register on the website.

For its fifth anniversary, the french team fr.png SAW organize a little one day cup which you can use to train EMS/CAP maps.

SAW Partouze Cup

This individual tournament will be very conventional and everyone should find his account. Firstly, the fun side with players wanting to celebrate this anniversary ... and others who search a little competition to train and maybe win too!

Rules and schedule
  • Date : Thursday, May 17th, 2012
  • Hour : 14:00
  • Slots : 64
  • Map : 1st pack EMS/CAP
  • Mode : Cup (120 pts)
  • LB : yes
More informations ?

You can register and find more informations about this cup on their website.

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