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Gamed won its first great tournament title !

Grand Final

de.png DAC-SP 0 vs 2 de.png GAMED.DE
               2/7 3/7

Gamed plays very well on the first map, always two or three players in front, Dac-Sp can do nothing and will have to let the victory to Gamed, 7/2 and 1-0 Gamed !
On the second map, Dac-Sp plays better but it's the same story, every round, two or three Gamed in front and Dac-Sp gets some bugs who killed their hope...7/3 and the Title for Gamed !!

TmActu :  "Hey marsh, gratz fot this victory ! Did you think you were able to win the tournament at the start"
Marsh : "Hey and thanks. Of course we didn't expect to win the whole tournament. We actually didn't had any expectations at all, we just wanted to have some fun. So it´s a great result."

HotRod's comment : "Wow what a performance from GAMED from germany, taking out Acer in the quarter finals, druidz in the semi and then winning the finals against dac-SP. 7-2, 7-3 tells the tale of the finals, a solid strong team was simply to hard to handle for dac-SP. GAMED wins 40.000coppers and a 4 month hosted game server with 80 slots. Congratulations to the new TMM champions, de.png GAMED.DE"

VOD : German by AVP
VOD : English P1 & English P2 by Spam

Small Final

no.png BX3 2 vs 0 se.png Druidz Esports
    7/4 7/5

BX3 starts wery well the game by leading four to nil , Druidz's fail time is past, and they found a good focus and begin their comeback, only 1 point between the two teams at 5-4 but on the last rounds, BX3 stays in front and wins the first map 7/4 !
Same start on the second map, 3-0 BX3 and Druidz begins their comeback from this score.. This time they are more efficient and are near to be back, but they lost on the last round... Maybe they should have win a map at least, 7/5 BX3 and 2-0 !

VOD : German
VOD : Français

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