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The most famous Brazilian squad,711, celebrates its 6th anniversary !

The Start :

 This family team is called  br.png711 - Seven Eleven, it was created by br.png Flint on April 20th 2006.. it was named over an american gas station company...
711 was created from the NC Brazilian team from 2006 !


• 1st ESWC Brazil 2006 and 5th ESWC world finals 2006
• 1st Fnac Trophy 2006
• 1st ESWC Brazil 2007 and 6th ESWC world finals 2007
• 1st ESWC Brazil 2008 and 7th ESWC world finals 2008
• 1st Formula Universia 2008
• 1st ESWC Brazil 2009
• 1st ESWC Brazil 2010 and 7th ESWC world finals 2010
• 2nd Nations Cup 2006
• 2nd ColdFire 1daycup
• 5th TmT 2011
• 10th Giant Cup IX

Some words with Flint

br.png Flint : "you have to consider this team was created based on friendship only"
"we build players... we get them when they're new to the game and they become players like Vini.. of course we lost some of them after a while to bigger teams but that's the natural course"
"We have over 40 members, still it's basically impossible to get 5 together during a week day due to our lifestyle and needs"
"Our age average is a little bit above the usual, so most of our players work/study or even do both, which makes it really hard for us to survive in an European timezone environment"


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