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Oxent tells us more about the organization of the Cyberathlete Summit. The game mode is the Elite mode. This mode is a succession of attack and defense in an 1 vs 3 as it was presented at the Gamers Assembly. Registration is now by teams. You can register your team until the June 3rd. All players selected will have access to the game later than June 3rd and will have transport and hotel paid by the organization. We will have 3 French teams and 3 international teams. 

Here are the details of the matches: 

Session of the afternoon: Saturday, June 23 from 14h to 18h 

  • France A vs France C 
  • Inter A vs Inter C 
  • France B vs France C 
  • Inter B vs Inter C 
  • France A vs France B
  • Inter A vs Inter B 

Evening session: Saturday, June 23 from 20h to 23h 

Three grand finals in Elite Mode 

  • France #3 vs Inter #3 
  • France #2 vs Inter #2 
  • France #1 vs Inter #1

The event will be retransmitted on a stream in French on jeuxvideo.com and an English stream will be also available.

For registration, it's here: http://www.cybsum.com/application-form

To buy tickets, it's here: http://fr.amiando.com/cybsum.html
For more information, visit the website of the Cyberathlete Summit: http://www.cybsum.com

"Paris, April 24th 2012: 

Oxent raises the veil on the Cyberathlete Summit (cybsum.com), a new events format highlighting video games as both a show and sport, and showcasing the talent of its champions, who are true athletes and new icons in our digital society. The three pillars of the Cyberathlete Summit:

  • Legendary players, both French and international
  • A tournament held in an auditorium open to the general public
  • 100% of the matches live broadcasted on the Internet

3 events have already been scheduled for 2012: in June, October and December. Each will feature 1 or 2 games, on PC or console, with the ambition of driving the video game industry and its broad audience in the world of electronic sports.

The first Cyberathlete Summit will be held in Paris on Saturday June 23rd, along the Champs Elysées, at the Pierre Cardin theatre, which will be transformed for the occasion into a futuristic arena. With support of Ubisoft, the game selected for this first edition is the awaited Shootmania Storm, the Online Multiplayers FPS on PC designed by Nadeo, creator of Trackmania.

A select group of French and international champions, guests of the organisation (travel/lodging), will take part in the encounter in a spectacular format that is to be announced soon. The events will last 7 hours over two sessions (afternoon / evening) with 400 spectators in attendance and thousands more expected on the Internet."

The 50 first tickets are free.

Click here to buy your tickets : http://fr.amiando.com/cybsum.html

More information here : http://cybsum.com

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