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1/2 review :

de.png DAC-SP vs no.png BX3

Here there is another big surprise in this tournament ! Dac-SP did a really great result by defeating BX3 2/1 ! Yet rapidly eliminated last Sunday for EMS Q#2, The German team have caught up yesterday and proved they are able to play EMS! Then they get their best performance in a major tournament by playing grand final !

de.png GAMED.DE vs se.png Druidz Esports

In the second semifinal, the Germans were favorites following their victory against Acer, and they kept their rank by winning 2/1 against Druidz! We thus find at the top level ! 

Grand and Small final preview :

de.png DAC-SP vs de.png GAMED.DE

Sunday 29th/ Wednesday 25th : 19:00 / 21:00 ?
here we goooo, the grand final is coming ! 8 weeks after the start of this TMM, we know wich teams are able to win the tourney, the two teams : :

Leader : Marsh
Previous matchs :
2/1 vs AT; 3/0 vs MG; 3/0 vs Stigmata; 3/0 vs mrT; 2/0 vs POL; 2/1 vs ANE; 2/1 vs Acer; 2/1 vs Druidz

Dac-Sp :
Leader : Killervirus
Previous matchs : 3/0 vs FullNoobs; 3/0 vs Explode; 3/0 vs Insanity; 3/0 vs Easy.Esports; 3/0 vs Escaven; 3/0 vs FUN; 3/0 vs Minipeace; 3/0 vs fow; 2/1 vs BX3 

Only one map lost for Dac-Sp, they have played very well during the whole tournament, they deserved this final, now they have to take their chance to win this ! previous matchs, were a little bit cahotic, they shown a fantastic mental by won many matchs on last rounds, they are very strong in PlayOff !

Streams/relay : Soon

no.png BX3 vs se.png Druidz Esports

Small FINAL :
Wednesday 20:00CET
Without mX and Acer, people agreed to say BX3 was the favourite to win this TMM, but the young team don't take this chance and let the victory gone.
Druidz Esports  , themselves, have done a wonderful tournament and will play the small final with nothing to lose, they are able to break BX3 for sure !

Streams/relay : Soon

TMM'12 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
fr.png MythiX  2

de.png Easy.eSports 1  

   fr.png MythiX 0
   pl.png fow 2
de.png NTX 1    
pl.png fow 2     
 pl.png fow 0  
 de.png DAC-SP 3  
de.png DAC-SP 3
eu.png Funteam 0      
    de.png DAC-SP 3    
    eu.png Minipeace 0
br.png 711 0  
eu.png Minipeace 3  

 de.png DAC-SP 2   

 no.png BX3 1  
no.png BX3 3  
pt.png EvC|Dark 0  
   no.png BX3 2      
   lt.png RESET 0
eu.png Antis 0        
lt.png RESET 3        
 no.png BX3  2    
 nl.png Mouse Control 0
de.png IRC 1
se.png nSpire/HOT 2    
   se.png nSpire/HOT 1
   nl.png Mouse Control 2  
no.png BadBoys 1

nl.png Mouse Control 2  


 de.png DAC-SP

 de.png GAMED.DE
uk.png A New Era 3  

de.png VSP 0

   uk.png A New Era 1
   de.png GAMED.DE 2  
de.png GAMED.DE 2    
pl.png Poor Old Losers 0
 de.png GAMED.DE 2    
 de.png Team Acer 1
eu.png noy 2        
fr.png HipnoZ 0
   eu.png noy 0
   de.png Team Acer 2      
de.png Team Acer 3  
nl.png AT Gaming 0

 de.png GAMED.DE 2  

 se.png Druidz Esports 1
de.png Rule Them All 3  
eu.png SPA 0
   de.png Rule Them All 1
   uk.png Infused 2    
uk.png Infused 3      
cz.png wX 0
 uk.png Infused 0
 se.png Druidz Esports 2  
se.png Druidz Esports 3    
ru.png National Racing Club 0
   se.png Druidz Esports 3  
   no.png GamersLeague 0
no.png GamersLeague 3  

de.png Team Fusion 0


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