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Beginning in January, fr.pngMangastef announced the arrival of the CMC (Millions Coppers Cup) on Trackmania 2, making the transition to renamed PMC for Planets Millions Cup.


Once a month, Mangastef organizes a competition for a night on unknown maps.

At the end of the evening, Mangastef carries a scoreboard and each player receives the planets according to the prize pool (sum given by the players during registration) and its classification during the evening.

Edition #4 

The second edition was announced for Thursday, February 16 to 21H. This time, you will have the opportunity to earn planets according to your place. So fun to just add the usual competitive spirit that made the success of this event on TMU.

To register is simple. Go to the server of the PMC (Location: France / IledeFrance / Yvelines) and donate a minimum of 50 planets!


Finally to have a good time, some precautions must be taken. Indeed, it is recommended to limit somewhat the graphical configuration, so as not to suffer too much lag. In addition, Mangastef has provided a map (available here) through which you can download pre-panels, saving you a few lags Thursday evening!  

You can join the  PMC group on  Maniaplanet : (Login : PMC4ever / Mot de passe : love4pmc )

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