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  •    Team Infused uk.png Qualified for EMS group stage
  •    YDK eu.png Qualified for EMS group stage
  •   Dac-Sp de.png
  • 4.    HipnoZ  fr.png
  • 5-6.  eVc|Dark pt.png &  mCon nl.png

EMS Q#3 :

This sunday takes place the third EMS X Qualifier Cup, 6 teams are already registered :

nl.png AT GAMING
eu.png YDK
uk.png Infs
de.png DAC-SP
nl.png Mouse Control
fr.png HipnoZ

So there is still 8 slots for your teams !  Sign Up for EMS Q#3

Mappack :

The pack used for this cup is the TMM's semis one like last week
TMM - Nothing2Lose
TMM - Mentality
TMM - Shotgun

System :

Sunday, 22th April, 16:00 CEST !
• 4vs4
• Bo1 but WB and LB finals are both played on Bo3
• Top2 will get a slot for EMS X season

Source : ESL

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