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1/4 review :

pl.png fow 0 - 3 de.png DAC-SP
       2/7 3/7 5/7

Regrettably, we were not able to follow this match which took place at the same time as german clash... But we can nevertheless notice that Fow is the team revelation of this tourney and it seems they gave a good battle against Dac-Sp which won with competed maps!

no.png BX3 v nl.png Mouse Control
       7/3 7/6

The game starts on "AfterGlow" where BX3 seems more focus than Mçon and take quickly the lead 4-1, Mçon try to comeback but it's too late for them and BX3 won this first map 7/3
The second map is "bangarang", Mçon shows awesome times during wus but they lost their focus during the real game,like on the first map, BX3 quickly lead and Mçon try to comeback, this time they equalize to 6-6... The last round is for Norwegian squad, 7/6 !

de.png GAMED.DE 2 - 1  de.png Team Acer
                 7/6 1/7 7/6
This was the game of the week, and it was epic as expected ! This quarter starts on "Matahari" where both teams are very consistent on awesome times, the last round decided the winner... And won this first map 7/6 !
On the second map "Bangarang", Acer shows that they are the favorites and roll over their opponent 7/1!
The last map "AfterGlow" have to be played, Acer leads 1-0 But it is indeed who manage best the beginning of map and quickly lead 6-1 ! At this moment, we can't believe what is going to happen... But now you can imagine, Acer begins an incredible comeback,2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 6-6, but this game is epic, that's why finally won on the last round with 5 players on 0.05 gap, GG !!

uk.png Infused 0 - 2  se.png Druidz Esports
3/7 6/7
Like every week,  infused seems best prepared among all teams, they are often leading in dedis, but this time, they came across a team far more regular, in fact, the Swedish team creates a surprise by defeating  Infused and offers a first semi-final in a major competition! Well Played !

1/2 Preview :

de.png DAC-SP vs no.png BX3

de.png GAMED.DE vs se.png Druidz Esports

This TMM'12  gave us a lot of good surprises, and there are 4 teams in the semifinals of which almost no one could have bet on their attendance at this stage of the competition together ! After they awesome performance, becomes the favorite to win this TMM'12 but nothing it's done !GlHf !

TMM'12 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
fr.png MythiX  2

de.png Easy.eSports 1  

   fr.png MythiX 0
   pl.png fow 2
de.png NTX 1    
pl.png fow 2     
 pl.png fow 0  
 de.png DAC-SP 3  
de.png DAC-SP 3
eu.png Funteam 0      
    de.png DAC-SP 3    
    eu.png Minipeace 0
br.png 711 0  
eu.png Minipeace 3  

 de.png DAC-SP  

 no.png BX3  
no.png BX3 3  
pt.png EvC|Dark 0  
   no.png BX3 2      
   lt.png RESET 0
eu.png Antis 0        
lt.png RESET 3        
 no.png BX3  2    
 nl.png Mouse Control 0
de.png IRC 1
se.png nSpire/HOT 2    
   se.png nSpire/HOT 1
   nl.png Mouse Control 2  
no.png BadBoys 1

nl.png Mouse Control 2  



uk.png A New Era 3  

de.png VSP 0

   uk.png A New Era 1
   de.png GAMED.DE 2  
de.png GAMED.DE 2    
pl.png Poor Old Losers 0
 de.png GAMED.DE 2    
 de.png Team Acer 1
eu.png noy 2        
fr.png HipnoZ 0
   eu.png noy 0
   de.png Team Acer 2      
de.png Team Acer 3  
nl.png AT Gaming 0

 de.png GAMED.DE  

 se.png Druidz Esports  
de.png Rule Them All 3  
eu.png SPA 0
   de.png Rule Them All 1
   uk.png Infused 2    
uk.png Infused 3      
cz.png wX 0
 uk.png Infused 0
 se.png Druidz Esports 2  
se.png Druidz Esports 3    
ru.png National Racing Club 0
   se.png Druidz Esports 3  
   no.png GamersLeague 0
no.png GamersLeague 3  

de.png Team Fusion 0


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