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Zotac : Time to review the last 3 competitions

During this last 3 weeks, Zotac don't stop and FrostBeule don't stop to win !


Only 18 players for this Zotac... but the regulars players was present, like dalik,Marius and FrostBeule. After defeat dalik in semi, FrostBeule won against Marius in final and take his 8th victory !
  •   Acer.FrostBeule (100€)
  •   BX3 Marius
  •   dalik & jhs.


This week, more than 50 players were present, one of the best success of Zotac so far, every favorites were in like Norman,FrostBeule,Klovni...
FrostBeule vs Klovni was the first semi, and the swedish player manage to win against the BX3 player, in the other one, Norman won his semi against Extreme.
In final, Norman was so near to beat for his first time FrostBeule, but the Acer player finally won this Zotac, now it's 9 for fB !
  •   Acer.FrostBeule (100€)
  •   LikeD Norman
  •   BX3 Klovni & BX3 Extreme


Here we have a new winner ! The Italian, Beppo won his first Zotac in final against Majo, which was his first final too !
There is the World Record played by the Zotac#12 winner : Beppo !
  •   Acer.Beppo (100€)
  •   Majo
  •   Marco & Gimpy


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