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1/8 review :

8 great matchs this week, and a lot of unexpected results..

The biggest is Fow ( MaDrivers ) vs mythiX... The polish team has eliminated the very last EMS winner team 2/0 !
Unfortunately mythiX don't seemed prepared for this event.

The second "surprise" come from RTA v Infused, our match of the week, which resulted by a victory for the British Multigaming 2/1 !

Other matchs :
ANE v GAMED.DE : The german players shows they are still on the top 5 in the world by defeating the potential British team 2/1

HOT/nSpire v Mçon : Another victory for Mçon, they are on a good winning streak, next step should be a bit harder...

BX3 v RESET : BX3 is still on the tourney, they had defeat the Lituanian squad 2/0 and will meet Mçon on the next stage !

Druidz E-Sport v GamersLeague :A close match which turned for swedish squad 3/0, Druidz is back at a top level, their next match against Infused, sounds really interesting !

noy v Acer : After their great victory against HipnoZ, noy were excited to play against the best team in the world, unfortunately, Acer was too strong..

Dac-Sp v Minipeace :
Well, that wasn't the closest match ever, MP got somes LineUp problems...Dac-Sp reach easily the quarters !


 1/4 Top Match

This match was an EMS semis some month ago, now, maybe seems to be less stronger than past month, they show they can still play very well with their victory against ANE ! The next step is higher but with the offline events, Acer could be not as good as previous match...

                       de.png GAMED.DE vs  de.png Team Acer

You can find this match on several streams once again but the date is not fixed yet.

TMM'12 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
fr.png MythiX  2

de.png Easy.eSports 1  

   fr.png MythiX 0
   pl.png fow 2
de.png NTX 1    
pl.png fow 2     
 pl.png fow  
 de.png DAC-SP  
de.png DAC-SP 3
eu.png Funteam 0      
    de.png DAC-SP 3    
    eu.png Minipeace 0
br.png 711 0  
eu.png Minipeace 3  


no.png BX3 3  
pt.png EvC|Dark 0  
   no.png BX3 2      
   lt.png RESET 0
eu.png Antis 0        
lt.png RESET 3        
 no.png BX3     
 nl.png Mouse Control    
de.png IRC 1
se.png nSpire/HOT 2    
   se.png nSpire/HOT 1
   nl.png Mouse Control 2  
no.png BadBoys 1

nl.png Mouse Control 2  



uk.png A New Era 3  

de.png VSP 0

   uk.png A New Era 1
   de.png GAMED.DE 2  
de.png GAMED.DE 2    
pl.png Poor Old Losers 0
 de.png GAMED.DE     
 de.png Team Acer    
eu.png noy 2        
fr.png HipnoZ 0
   eu.png noy 0
   de.png Team Acer 2      
de.png Team Acer 3  
nl.png AT Gaming 0


de.png Rule Them All 3  
eu.png SPA 0
   de.png Rule Them All 1
   uk.png Infused 2    
uk.png Infused 3      
cz.png wX 0
 uk.png Infused  
 se.png Druidz Esports   
se.png Druidz Esports 3    
ru.png National Racing Club 0
   se.png Druidz Esports 3  
   no.png GamersLeague 0
no.png GamersLeague 3  

de.png Team Fusion 0


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