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1/16 results :

The first round of playoffs just ended, and we can count quite a surprise, although favorites have kept their ranks.
The match of the week
no.png BB vs nl.png Mçon ended in a victory for MouseControl 2/1 ! This is a real disappointment for the Norwegians because they had a team to go further in the competition.

Also, the fresh french team
fr.png HipnoZ had been defeated by eu.png noy, 0/2 ! Another great performance, no.png GamersLeague, who beat Fusion 3/0 and shown they are a favorite to reach semis at least !

de.png RTA,de.png Acer,fr.png MythiX and no.png BX3, the top 4 favorites are all up for next round !

 1/8 Top Match :

 Some great match in this round already, the biggest is :

                       de.png RuleThemAll vs  uk.png Team Infused

You can find this match on several streams, Wednesday, 20:00 CET

Source : TMM

TMM'12 Play-offs tree 

1/4 1/2 Final 
fr.png MythiX  2

de.png Easy.eSports 1  

   fr.png MythiX  
   pl.png MaDrivers  
de.png NTX 1    
pl.png MaDrivers 2     
de.png DAC-SP 3
eu.png Funteam 0      
    de.png DAC-SP     
    eu.png Minipeace     
br.png 711 0  
eu.png Minipeace 3  


no.png BX3 3  
pt.png EvC|Dark 0  
   no.png BX3      
   lt.png RESET      
eu.png Antis 0        
lt.png RESET 3        
de.png IRC 1
se.png nSpire/HOT 2    
   se.png nSpire/HOT  
   nl.png Mouse Control  
no.png BadBoys 1

nl.png Mouse Control 2  



uk.png A New Era 3  

de.png VSP 0

   uk.png A New Era  
   de.png GAMED.DE  
de.png GAMED.DE 2    
pl.png Poor Old Losers 0
eu.png noy 2        
fr.png HipnoZ 0
   eu.png noy      
   de.png Team Acer      
de.png Team Acer 3  
nl.png AT Gaming 0


de.png Rule Them All 3  
eu.png SPA 0
   de.png Rule Them All    
   uk.png Infused    
uk.png Infused 3      
cz.png wX 0

se.png Druidz Esports 3    
ru.png National Racing Club 0
   se.png Druidz Esports   
   no.png GamersLeague  
no.png GamersLeague 3  

de.png Team Fusion 0


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